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   Many musicians struggle to establish a firm identity, continuously trying to find the style that fits them just right. Every once in a while you find a musician that can firmly produce a solid identity and display an expert level of style and music. Asle Roe confidently stands in the latter group, backed by 30 years of playing guitar and producing comfortably familiar yet resoundingly unique music.

   Asle Roe is a versatile guitar player specializing in Jazz.  He is inspired by many guitarists, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, and Hank Garland being a few among them. Roe also performs various self-composed music that can vary from melodic ballads to upbeat jazz with country flavors. He is currently living and playing in Oslo, but from 2001-2013 he had performed throughout the US, in cities like New York, Las Vegas, Austin, New Orleans and Houston, amongst many others.

   On February 20th 2015, Asle released his latest album, “Bankside.” The album was recorded in Houston with Houstonian musicians and mixed both in Houston and Oslo, Norway. “Bankside” is available for purchase by following this CD Baby link. You can also find it on and iTunes.

- Guitar Player


Asle is a well rounded guitarist and team player of many popular music styles, specializing in jazz, wester swing and pop/rock. He has been a part of many different groups, from duos to big bands, jazz to rock, in all sorts of venues. A majority of Asle's professional music career has taken place in Houston, TX (2001-2013). Being a vital part of the houtex music scene and enjoying the musicianship of many top players in the city. 

Asle is currently residing in Oslo, Norway but is frequently visiting and performing in Houston, TX.

- Composer 

Asle has been composing music ever since he started playing the guitar in . He released the album "Bankside" in 2013. The majority of the tracks are original compositions and in the jazz genre. The musicians on this album are all from, or tied to, Houston, TX. A fresh album is currently in the works.

- Band Leader

Asle manages small to medium groups for private events and concerts. His jazz trio "Asle Roe Trio" has played many festivals, jazz clubs and private events in both Houston, TX and Norway. 

In addition, Asle has played numerous solo and duo gigs for various events and restaurants.

Asle also manages his own western swing group called "Best Western Swing". This band starts off as a trio but can be expanded to quartet or quintet. This band is not a pure western swing project. Aside from playing the classics of Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Milton Brown among others, the band adds many newer instrumental country classics by artists like Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins and Hank Garland.

These are a few of the venues Asle has played in Houston, TX: 

Cezanne Jazz Club, Ovations Night Club, Sambuca, Eddie V's, Cafe Brasil, Avant Garden, Tasting Room, Hotel Granduca, Ouisie's Table, River Oaks Country Club, Houston Country Club, The Plaza Club, The Red Cat Jazz Cafe, Olives Wine Bar, 

- Teacher

Throughout his musical career, Asle has been teaching private guitar lessons and occasionally public music schools. Skype lessons are also available. Use the booking link if you want to inquire about lessons.  


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